Patient Reviews

Daniel – East London

A 26 year old male presenting with severe abdominal pain, 6-10+ bowel movements daily, faecal incontinence, acid reflux, bloating, excess gas for over two years; and 4st overweight:

I was being treated within the NHS by my GP and then at a local hospital for well over a year but it wasn’t helping me at all. The NHS diagnosed me with chronic IBS, which is an “umbrella” term they give to patients, which sounds better than actually admitting they didn’t have a clue what was wrong or why I was in so much pain. The NHS failed me by not finding what was wrong, what caused the pain in the first place, and they gave me no advice whatsoever on how to control my pain, other than the use of NHS drugs. After being diagnosed with chronic IBS, they simply discharged me and left me on a multitude of antibiotics and strong painkillers that made my stomach worse, and other medication that did not help, which I would probably require for the rest of my life. They simply said, “There is nothing more we can do”. The day I left the Consultants office, I had no hope of ever being able to live a normal life. I was 25 and a non-smoker, and I did not drink alcohol at all. I was in a relationship that was breaking down because of my bad moods and depression and I had low self-esteem, caused by the constant pain. At this point I was desperate. I was off sick from work for months during and was about to lose my job because I was unable to control my bowel movements. I would have a bowel movement up to 10 times a day, sometimes even more. I would leave home in the morning to go to work and have to return home before even arriving at work because I was in so much pain or soiled. I had to take spare clothes and washing kit to work or leave work halfway through the day due to being in so much pain.

The pain was beyond anything I have ever experienced and no one could tell me why or help. I was living an absolute nightmare. I was collapsing frequently due to excruciating pain so my parents said I should try to find an IBS specialist. When I met Deborah, I was suffering with unbearable abdominal pain all day, every day, no matter what I ate, and even if I didn’t eat. And it did get to the point where I was afraid to eat. I was in agony and had no quality of life whatsoever. That all changed when I started treatment with Deborah. Even at my very first visit, she gave me a detailed breakdown of her suspicions as to what she believed was causing my pain. She advised me to have tests done to confirm this. She gave me hope she would be able to devise a treatment plan which would help reduce my pain and allow me to regain some control of my life. From tests carried out, Deborah’s suspicions were confirmed. I adopted a treatment plan containing natural medicine and was given detailed information as to what foods I should be eating, and importantly what foods to avoid. Once I started following her guidance, it was clear to me things were starting to change. It took about a month for the chronic pain to begin to ease off, and as the months went by, not only was I not in so much pain, my bowel movements were decreasing and I was starting to believe one day I would be better. Approximately 1 year on, I am able to work full-time again. Since the start of treatment, I have lost approximately four stone in weight, just by eating the food I was advised to, without any exercise at all. Deborah said she could help me, if I followed her advice exactly. She could see how serious my condition was and how depressed I was about my situation, and she kept to her word. I am astounded everyday, when I think of where I was in my life just over a year ago, and how depressed I was at that time.

Today I can now train in the gym four times a week, I am still with my wonderful girlfriend expecting our first child later this year, and I have become such a fitter happier person. Deborah has not only given me back my life, but she has given me the tools to be able to take care of myself for the rest of my life. I am forever grateful, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

C.A – Bucharest, Romania

It is my heartfelt wish to share my personal experience with this dreaded condition in order to give hope to others who are still searching for answers and to encourage those who have found this natural approach but are still at the beginning of the treatment. I myself found so much relief by reading throughout this period, over and over again, different testimonials who gave me so much strength when I was down so it is my turn to spread hope and trust that better days will come, and believe me they will. I’m sure that everybody fighting this condition is very much familiar with the endless visits to different doctors, desperately hoping for some answers, for some name for the “unknown”, for some relief that somebody actually knows what is wrong… How many times we have secretly traded in our minds with every illness of the world only to have the comfort that it is something when not treatable at least known… How many of us have reached the point of despair questioning their mental health and with their dear ones feeling overwhelmed and helpless only able to watch the struggle of the sufferer? How many of us had to fight against the thought that this will be the life we will have to live till the end of our days? “Why me, what have I done wrong, I don’t deserve such a burden, I can’t fight alone, I need help, but who can help me?” – These are words that haunted me day and night with no rest. I’m sure that everyone who is suffering from this terrible condition and is reading these words knows exactly what I’m talking about and even recognises each emotional state which is associated to all the physical and psychological struggle. I recall that I so badly needed to find someone, anyone, a doctor, a friend, actually anyone who could just give me my hope back that all of this is just temporary and that somewhere out there a cure exists and I will find it.

An then came DEBORAH, I can hear her words even now: “You will get better” it was like a miracle, like a dream for me, not only she was knowing what was going on with me, but she was very much familiar with all the emotions connected to the disorder and above all she told me those 4 magic words which really meant the world to me: YOU WILL GET BETTER! So I found MY WAY, MY ANSWER, and I am one of the lucky ones as it took me only 2 years to find it. But 2 years is still a very long time when you believe it will last forever and when the feelings of despair are so deep that you can barely handle…I still believe this was the hardest thing that has ever happened to me…So I began the treatment, with much hope and stubbornness to finally overcome this illness. I won’t lie and say it was easy because it was not but it was actually the easiest thing compared to the period with no answer at all, just vegetating from one day to another. In order to follow this treatment you have to bring up a lot of ambition and take control over your life by adjusting it to a healthy but different diet, you have to rigorously take your pills and you have to face the die off symptoms which in the end only reconfirm that you are on the right path and that your body has started to eliminate the bad things responsible for this nightmare. I’m now for almost a year under treatment and with Deborah’s great help and dedicated support I successfully managed to undo most of the harm my body was put through because of this imbalance. As to the way I feel now I will just quote a paragraph from an e-mail sent to Deborah this month that expresses all the joy and happiness I genuinely felt when writing it: “I’m just having the best month since the beginning of the treatment!!! I told you since last time that I feel that I’m over the hill and that I’m moving upwards and this is really true !!!

Many thanks for everything, you gave me my life back, I can’t thank you enough and I pray to GOD to give you strength and health to help many, many people in distress!!!! THANK YOU, Deborah, God bless you and all your valued work!

Julie – Gloucestershire

A 41 year old female presenting with medically diagnosed Interstitial Cystitis (IC) and taking Vesicare. She had a history of UTIs for the last two years. She had suffered urinary urgency and painful bladder flares for 4 years:

About 2 years ago I was in a pretty bad way after being prescribed several different drugs through the NHS and also trying homeopathy. I was losing faith in anything and anybody. I then started to search the web and anything relating to IC (which was vaguely diagnosed through the NHS). I eventually came across Deborah Grant. She claimed that she could help people with IC and had a very good knowledge of this very rare condition. I then made an appointment to see Deborah and went up to London to meet her. It was very refreshing to meet someone who actually understood what I was going through and didn’t make you feel like just another number or person on the list. She made time for me and listened thoroughly to what I said and took a detailed account of my life from a child to present.

After a long discussion it was explained to me that I had several imbalances and these needed to be addressed. Deborah sent me for a medical tests and started to put me on different natural medicine tablets and a new diet. The diet was a hard one to start off with but over time became easier and easier, especially when I started to feel the rewards from it. My symptoms got less and less as time went on and Deborah would change my tablets and diet as time went on.

I was with Deborah for nearly 2 years and I have to say that I am a different person than when I first met her. My symptoms are about 99% gone now compared to how I was at the beginning – and to be honest it is only when I am very stressed that my symptoms come back temporarily.

I would highly recommend Deborah to anyone – she has been the only one that has helped me and actually listened. She was a great person to talk to on a monthly basis. I can only praise her for what she has done for me.

Emily – London

A 36 year female presenting with chronic IBS, severe fatigue and fertility issues, including a low AMH level, for 6 years. She had not been able to get any answers to her health issues and desperately wanted to start a family. She had even travelled from the UK to see doctors in Australia:

We are eternally grateful for everything you have done for me over the past two years. I still vividly remember the first appointment I had with you, when I felt so helpless and as if my world was closing in on me.

Today I am almost an entirely different person – a healthy, strong, active woman with three triplet girls, who are the light of my life. I could not have achieved this without your help – thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sophie – Uxbridge

A 32 year old woman presenting with IBS for 18 months. Her testimonial for IBS treatment:

Deborah is very professional and thorough in her approach. She covered more ground with me in one hour than doctors had over many months of appointments. The natural medicine she supplied, arrived promptly and was very reasonably priced. It has been more effective than any other conventional medicine I have previously taken. I wish I had found Deborah earlier.

Colin – London

A 69 year old male presenting with chronic gout, fatigue and gut discomfort and cramping for most of his life with six bowel movements daily at times:

I became a patient of Deborah’s as a last resort and with hope rather than expectation of success. I had a long history of bowel problems which my GP had done nothing to resolve. As well as the need to visit the lavatory very frequently including regularly disturbed nights I was feeling more and more weary and lacked energy. Even the most mundane tasks were draining. After six months my life is transformed. My bowels now operate normally and I am amazed how much energy I now have. I have not felt so mentally alert as well as physically active for as long as I can remember! It is nothing short of a transformation of my health and well-being. All best wishes and thanks again.

Saffiyah – London

A 28 year old female presenting with lifelong, severe eczema. She had been given steroids to try to manage it:

I sought Deborah’s expertise after my husband stumbled across the website four months ago. At that point, I honestly felt and was told by doctors that I could be living with my severe eczema for life. In my first consultation she confidently mentioned that she was sure I could recover. Four months on, my skin has nearly completely healed. I no longer have sleepless nights, endless itchiness, raw skin and puffy eyes.

I can’t believe we have gone so far in my treatment in such a short span of time. Deborah really believes it is team work between myself and her. Deborah effectively uses a variety of tests to inform me about my health to provide the right plan of care for my personal health issues.

Alexandra – Norway

A 53 year old female presenting with diagnosed Interstitial Cystitis and IBS and unable to find answers to complex health issues:

I highly recommend Deborah Grant to anyone who is looking to trace and treat the source of their illness rather than just their symptoms. I live in Norway, and I am very grateful that I managed to find her two years ago. At the time I had been battling interstitial cystitis and IBS, and as most people with these illnesses know they can be very difficult to treat. Mainstream medicine was not an option for me even if my bladder had allowed it. When I first went to see Deborah on some days I was going to the bathroom every 15 minutes. She made me realize that both illnesses boiled down to an impaired immune system and sure enough the tests she ordered for me revealed exactly that. I had never thought to link my weak immune system or bladder to my gut. Through her natural medicine, supplements, recommended changes in diet and efforts I am a healthier person today.

Christine – Leicestershire

A 70 year old female presenting with recurrent cystitis for the last 15 years. She also suffered bloating and constipation for over 11 years.

Having suffered from recurrent cystitis for at least 15 years, I saw Deborah Grant’s details on her website. Life had become very stressful, especially when travelling as I lived in dread of the infection coming back and even going out for the day made me anxious. Deborah put me on a strict diet as I had a large amount of yeast in my gut. Four months later, after sticking to the diet religiously, I am clear of yeast and hopefully the cystitis will not return – the rest is up to me! Thank you so much, Deborah – the day I saw your website was a lucky one for me.

Freddie – London

A 25 year old female presenting with diagnosed IBS for six years – constipation or loose stools, bloating, excess gas, dry eyes, joint pain, headaches, mouth ulcers. She had been gluten free for six years.

For Testimonials: After spending many years feeling unwell most of the time I decided this was no way to live and booked an appointment to see Deborah. After being told for many years by various doctors that my issues were related to ‘IBS’ and that there was nothing that could be done about it, it was so reassuring to have Deborah actually take my symptoms seriously and ensure I did the tests required to get to the root of the problem. Tests revealed that I had a huge problem with yeast overgrowth, it was such a relief to know that this was a problem that could be fixed. After 1 year of diet and a course of natural medicine I am a new person. I no longer have constant gut issues, I have so much more energy, I am able to live a normal life. The testimonials are what convinced me to see Deborah in the first place and I am so incredibly grateful, if you are considering it don’t hesitate, this treatment has changed my life and I couldn’t be happier.

A.P – Bedfordshire

A 59 year old man presenting with chronic bladder pain and increased frequency (including 16 times at night) and urgency and all after treatment for bladder cancer.

I would just like to thank you for helping me through my Cystitis issues following treatment for bladder cancer. The diet was difficult at first but after a while not an issue – and a few pounds weight loss as a bonus. I noticed an immediate improvement in my symptoms within a week of seeing you and starting with your medication/diet. I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone with a similar condition. Many thanks.

Sharon – Ithaca, New York State, USA

A 41 year old Professor and mother of two young children presenting with a very recent diagnosis of MS by a neurologist in the US:

In October 2015, I had 2 seizures that were 3 weeks apart. The second of these left me barely able to walk for a week. Two MRIs later I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Once the initial freak out subsided (“I just want a pill that will magic this all away”), I was beyond blessed to have Deborah Grant as a close family friend who was more than able to talk some sense in to me. I was 41 years old, and in the 3 years prior to my diagnosis I had given birth to 2 kids (21 months apart both via c section), and started a new job. Typical new-mum stress meant for twenty-somethings, coupled with a less than ideal diet had wreaked havoc on what I always assumed was a healthy body. I thank God Deborah was there to sort my mess out. I haven’t seen a neurologist since my diagnosis. Deborah very quickly dismissed the MS diagnosis, and ordered a number of tests that correctly diagnosed I had developed several chronic infections that undermined my immunity, causing several food intolerances and autoimmunity. I was put on a protocol of natural medicine and health supplements that rebuilt and corrected the damage done by my poor diet, sleep deprivation and terrible gut environment. My diet was adjusted.

I want to emphasize that point – Deborah will not simply try to mask your symptoms, she will dig until she finds why your symptoms occurred in the first place. That is crucial. Today I am back to my active self, with no neurological symptoms. The word ‘heal’ is the foundation of ‘health’ for a reason, and I credit my healing journey to Deborah. Her wonderfully inspiring depth of knowledge has changed my own approach to health, as well as how I teach about it in my job. I am beyond grateful to have had her manage me back to health.

Tania R K – Oxfordshire

Scleroderma Treatment

“For Testimonials: I first became a patient of Deborah Grant in April this year. Eight years ago I visited the local surgery with what I thought was an infected splinter in my finger. When it didn’t respond to antibiotics my doctor said that she strongly suspected that I had CREST. I had suffered from Raynaud’s disease for some years and in addition to the white fingers, I had noticed red ‘dots’ on my fingers, hands, lips and cheeks in the last couple of years. Ulcers in the form of a nasty thick yellowish liquid, or worse, hard gravel-like lumps poking out of my finger and thumb were very painful, ugly and causing me distress. This diagnosis was confirmed by a well -respected consultant rheumatologist, who tested my heart, swallowing, and could not have been more thorough. He informed me, however, that my symptoms were something that I would just have to cope with – and that there is no evidence whatever that diet could play a part in reducing the pain, inflammation, and general misery of this condition. Having been to visit Deborah Grant on five occasions, by visit two I was conscious that the pain had almost disappeared and the swelling was far less. Four months later I am astonished to find I can use my hands almost normally and although I can still feel the lumps, there are no ulcers.

The red dots have not changed, but white fingers are rare (this is summer so I have yet to discover whether I will have to go back on to traditional medicine to improve my circulation). From feeling that I was doomed, and that this condition would steadily worsen over the years, I am thoroughly excited that there is a way through diet, lifestyle and natural substances that can change everything. At the moment I feel that the progress of the disease had stopped in its tracks, whether it can be reversed is yet to be seen. I hope that this will bring hope for the people that suffer from this very unusual disease, most of whom have it in a very much more severe form than myself.”

Sharon – London

A 29 year old female presenting with endometriosis, bladder discomfort for 10 years; and weight gain of 4st:

I have just finished 11 months of treatment with Deborah and am now cured!!!!!!!! In 11 months, we have managed to get my bladder back to normal, to get my yeast levels down from 140 to zero, and i have lost 2 stone 10 pounds in weight so far, which is a bonus. The diet was so simple and easy to follow and the medication was easy to take and stick to. My symptoms have completely disappeared and with Deborah’s help, i now realise just how unhealthy i was previously.

I always had stomach ache, bloating and bladder pain, I was always going to the toilet including through the night so i was constantly tired out, stressed and worn out. I was 4 stone overweight and very sluggish and uncomfortable all the time. I had severe sugar cravings and high blood sugar levels. I was also suffering from intermittent bleeding throughout the month which Deborah regulated with one of her prescriptions.

I am now able to control my health through my diet and am going it alone for now, but knowing that Deborah is there for advice, guidance and support whenever i need it. She truly is a miracle worker and i would never have guessed she could sort out all of my symptoms, particularly the bleeding which i have been experiencing since i was 19 years old!!!! I am eternally grateful for her help, support and advice through this last year and i couldn’t have done it without her.

Gareth – Uganda

A 28 year old Male, Lyme Disease Treatment

I came to Deborah after suffering from severe bloating for a number of years. Having previously been diagnosed negative for Celiac disease through the NHS, I had written off gluten as the source of my ailments. My GP told me I had IBS – a wholly unsatisfactory diagnosis. After trying a few alternative therapies, I finally found Deborah who endeavoured to get to the source of my symptoms. She ran sensitive (non-invasive) tests and discovered that I am indeed intolerant to gluten. Deborah supported me with a tailored and balanced diet to remove gluten, as well as natural medicine and supplements to rebalance my gut flora. Improvements in my condition were seen within the space of a couple of months. Deborah also ran a full blood profile and immune test that showed I was also suffering from Lyme Disease, which was not allowing me to overcome the last of my bloating and gut pain. With an altered treatment plan, I overcame Lyme Disease within six months, and am now completely free of any gut issues. I couldn’t imagine being free from my condition when I first came to see Deborah, but not only has my bloating stopped, my general wellbeing has been transformed over the past 18 months as well. In addition, Deborah was flexible throughout with my challenging living situation being based in Uganda. A heartfelt thank you! I would highly recommend Deborah’s practice.

Ambrose – London

A 49 year old man presenting with high blood pressure and a very painful anal fissure, which had troubled him for the last two years:

Having just finished a course of natural medicine treatment under the auspices of Deborah Grant, I hope a fitting testimonial with regards to its success would be of some compelling incentive to try it. I was impressed from the start with the relaxed environs and professionalism of Deborah. Everything is thoroughly discussed and explained, so that you feel fully informed and actively involved in your own healing process. My chronic problems responded quickly to the therapy and were resolved within four months and, as an unexpected bonus, I found seemingly unconnected conditions also improved too. I would not hesitate to recommend natural medicine, and only wish I had discovered it sooner!

Myra – London

A 57 year old female presenting with excess gas, bloating and loose stools since her 20s. She also experiences occasional palpitations, a sensitive bladder, thrush and fatigue:

After living with gut problems for all my adult life I finally got really serious about solving this and so saw Deborah for a year. The diet was familiar, I’d tried it before, but this time combined with the natural medicine there was a huge improvement. I still have minor symptoms and maybe I cannot expect my gut to heal fully after so many years, but crucially I no longer feel physically drained and exhausted, and other symptoms which I never realised were connected have just gone, I no longer have palpitations, or candida, my bladder is reliable and I have energy again. I also learnt how this digestive problem had passed on to my daughter and so she too is being treated by Deborah, with good relief from her symptoms.

Carolyn – London

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Treatment

“For Testimonials: With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), it was like a breath of fresh air finding Deborah. Her treatment was the exact multi-dimensional approach I was looking for and within three months I was back to a regular cycle after having had no periods at all for two years. I would not hesitate at all recommending Deborah, particularly to anyone wanting a holistic treatment for regulating hormone levels.”

Sharon – London

A 35 year old woman presenting with diagnosed Interstitial Cystitis:

I was diagnosed with IC, having gone through a cystoscopy and a urethral dilation (unnecessarily), and having been on preventative antibiotics for approx 10 months. Nothing the NHS suggested was working and i was incredibly depressed, in constant pain and felt like no one understood what was actually wrong with me and how to treat it. I really was at the end of the line at this point. Thankfully, I then found Deborah through recommendations on the COB Website. I have just begun my 4th month of treatment with Deborah and my health has improved massively. I feel 70% better and well on the way to 100%. I was 4 stone overweight and I have lost 20 pounds in weight so far. Deborah informs me that the diet will take me back to my normal weight and not below that. My skin and hair have improved dramatically. I have no more bloating, trapped wind or pain in my stomach. I have even been able to go through the night without getting up to the toilet on several occasions, and as a result I am sleeping much better. I have so much more energy and feel a lot more stable emotionally. The diet is designed specifically for you and is relatively easy to stick to, and Deborah makes up her own IC Tea which is a brilliant anti-inflammatory. Deborah is helping to change my life completely and I know that by the end of my treatment with her, I will be at the healthiest I have ever been.

Erika – London

A 44 year old female presenting with recurrent cystitis for the last 5 years, each time treated with antibiotics. She has a very stressful job and works long hours:

I went to see Deborah as I was suffering from a chronic disorder. I had seen a number of very reputable consultants but the only thing that was suggested wherever I went, were long term antibiotics. I knew that this could not be good for me and the side effects would eventually catch up with me, which they of course did. I went to see Deborah, when I was more or less at a point of despair, really not knowing where to go. She put me on a diet, where I was to exclude a number of foods and watch the alkaline content of what I ate. She gave me a number of natural medicines, that addressed some of the causes and triggers of my condition. I started improving. It took a number of months before I improved to a significant level, but she helped me identify the causes and triggers over this period and addressed them, which no doctor had done previously. With her holistic approach, she helped me implement the changes that were needed, understand the underlying condition and address it. I am truly grateful to her.

Paul – London

A 53 year old male presenting with popping in the ears, dry scalp, sore skin, stress, fatigue and weight problems for two years and no answers to his health concerns:

Thank you for your care and treatment over the past six months. I have gone from feeling very unwell and out of sorts to being healthy and full of life. I have lost weight, look and feel better and the Candida has cleared up. Finally, the latest natural medicine prescription has cleared the blockage in my Eustachian tubes, stopped the popping in my ears and the infrequent nose bleeds. I will keep to the regime you have suggested to ensure I continue to enjoy the benefits brought on by the difference you have made to my life. I cannot thank you enough.

Kate – London

A 32 year old woman presenting with digestive bloating and recurrent BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) for the last 3 years and no answers, despite seeing several specialists:

I went to see Deborah after my six month old son had had colic, oral thrush and finally ringworm and I wanted to treat his condition as naturally as possible. In the initial consultation Deborah asked me lots of questions about the birth but also about my health, as unknown to me you pass on your gut flora to your baby through birth and breastfeeding. She suspected that I had an overgrowth of yeast which was causing all my son’s problems and would explain many of the health problems I’d had in the past. My yeast levels were tested and they came back very high, (my sons problems were separately dealt with by Deborah and his skin dramatically improved in days after taking the Deborah’s prescription). After my test results I started on a special diet and treatment to eliminate the yeast from my system. Through the course of my treatment Deborah gave me invaluable advice about diet. The first two weeks were quite difficult but then I felt a dramatic improvement my energy levels went up, my skin improved, I felt much less bloated and best of all almost completely stopped passing wind! It took six months (a bit longer than normal as I had a few lapses with the diet) but when I was re-tested my yeast levels came back as undetectable. I am now sticking to the diet pretty much all the time as I feel so much healthier but I am now allowing myself the odd glass of wine!

Kate – Norwich

As a pre-emptive measure I asked Deborah to treat my 9 month old twins who had inherited my poor gut flora and had also received high doses of antibiotics through my breastmilk following my caesarean. I was worried about their guts not being healthy and possibly having an impaired immune system.

Deborah prescribed a suitable dose of probiotics and a low sugar diet over a 6 month period. They still eat a very healthy, low sugar diet and I’m delighted to say are strong and very rarely ill, only occasional light coughs and colds which is totally normal for their age. Deborah has taught me so much about nutrition and me and my whole family have benefited hugely from it.

Lorenzo – London

A 37 year old male presenting with a painful anal fissure for 10 years, that steroids had not healed:

I was successfully treated by Deborah for a very painful anal fissure that had bothered me on and off for many years. It has now healed completely and I am very grateful to her.

Craig – Brisbane

A 65 year old male presenting with Cardiovascular Disease, having had two heart attacks and a quadruple bypass. After a programme of treatment to help reduce the plaque in his arteries; and dietary changes, on his Cardiologist’s Ultrasound examination it was found that his Carotid Arteries appeared normal again with minimal plaque formation.

I suffer from heart disease. However, under Deborah’s guidance I have made many changes to my lifestyle, particularly in relation to diet and in the use of natural medicines. Rather than a one size fits all approach, her comprehensive examination enabled her to provide a treatment and diet plan tailored to suit my situation. I now go about my life normally with few limitations.
Deborah also correctly challenged a diagnosis of a crippling disease for my daughter who, as a result was spared an unnecessary but exceptionally strong medication programme. My daughter now lives a full and active life.
It is easy for us to go with the flow and believe everything that we are told. However there is immense value in working with someone like Deborah who will challenge established practice, to our benefit.

Jacqueline – London

A 57 year old female presenting with diagnosed Rheumatoid Arthritis. She had previously been very active but now had to walk with a stick and her hands were to painful to open doors. She was being treated by several Rheumatologists yet her condition was worsening:

Rheumatoid Arthritis spread through my body from hands and wrists, through knees, ankles, feet and toes over the course of a few months, until I could barely walk. At 55 years old, I changed overnight from an active skier, tennis player and spinner, to a hobbling person in pain.

When I met Deborah I was walking with a stick, was unable to open heavy doors because of my painful hands, and used a wheelchair in airports. It was also very difficult to cook because I couldn’t use my hands to prepare food and my ankles hurt to stand. Deborah offered me an alternative to immune suppressing medicine I was hesitant to take. Initially I was impatient with her protocol as I wanted to be “well” immediately. She helped me heal by baby steps. She tackled the underlying conditions, rather than suppressing the symptoms. She conducted methodical testing before jumping to treatment. My treatment plan was customized for me and my disease stage and manifestation, not the same as every patient who had RA. We are partners in my treatment plan and that makes all the difference.

These days I am happy to say that I can play pickleball (like mini tennis), cross country ski, go walking and go up and down the stairs with ease. I do at least 10,000 steps per day on my FitBit. My energy is also so much better.

Julia – Guildford
After consulting many health practitioners about my interstitial cystitis without much success, it was a huge relief to meet Deborah. She took a huge amount of time listening to my story and my health concerns. She was extremely thorough and I finally felt I had found someone who could help me. She has been incredibly supportive and helpful throughout my treatment and I have seen significant improvements in the three months she has been treating me.
Eric – London
I was finding it difficult to cope with the pressures at work. Even though I was exhausted, I was unable to sleep well … awake for 2-3 hours in the night. A colleague recommended Deborah, who gave me a “stress mix”. I can’t believe how different I feel, sleeping like a baby and much more energy.
Fiona – Hampstead
I am normally very calm and positive but the menopause made me feel like a different person. At times I felt unhinged and struggled with like both at work and at home. I wanted to avoid HRT. Having read that natural medicine can help, I made an appointment. I can’t believe how much better I feel!

Shreena – London

I was finding it difficult to cope with the pressures at work. Even though I was exhausted, I was unable to sleep well … awake for 2-3 hours in the night. A colleague recommended Deborah, who gave me a “stress mix”. I can’t believe how different I feel, sleeping like a baby and much more energy.

Emily-Jane – London

I have been seeing Deborah on and off for around 11 years. I fully credit her for helping me recover from overuse of antibiotics and subsequent gut damage which led to me being able to successfully start a family. I am now seeing her for other issues and feel completely confident in her ability to bring me back to full health. I have done and would recommend her to everyone.
Kevin – Spain
I have been working with Deborah for close to 10 years and it has changed my whole life. I spent years and years previous to meeting deborah going around in circles in and out of hospital with stomach ulcers and endless antibiotics. I have NEVER been in better health and would not hesitate in recommending Deborah to anyone that’s fortunate enough to be able to use her services. Thank you Deborah and team.
Janet – Wales
Consulting with Deborah has been life changing. I struggled with my health for years and got nowhere with my GP. It was only when I spoke with Deborah that I got an answer to my health problems and a treatment that works. Although the test are expensive (as they can't be done on the NHS) they are necessary for the correct treatment. Deborah's wealth of knowledge is vast. Not sure where I would be without her.
Kerrie – London
Consulting with Deborah has been life changing. I struggled with my health for years and got nowhere with my GP. It was only when I spoke with Deborah that I got an answer to my health problems and a treatment that works. Deborah's wealth of knowledge is vast. Not sure where I would be without her.
Valerie – Slovakia
Deborah is really professional, very very very nice and she helped my mum so much in times when all doctors could not help her anymore. Thank you Deborah.
 Dan – London
I have consulted Deborah over a prolonged number of years for help with what was previously diagnosed as chronic IBS by an NHS doctor. When I first came to Deborah, I was in desperate need of help, as i was at a very low point, having become exhausted with my condition. I found Deborah extremely professional and knowledgeable in her field. During the initial one hour appointment, I found out more about my own health issues, than I had in any other time or with any other Dr for that matter. Deborah gave her suspected cause to my problems and severe symptoms and recommend some tests, which then later came back as positive for what she had previously suspected was wrong with me. She then placed me on a plan to heal me and get my health back to a better place, which resulted in taking various natural medication. Over the course of about 1 year, Deborah completely transformed my health, not only in terms of treating my IBS/SIBO and chronic stomach pain, but her guidance and treatment in regards to what food I should be eating, was also the catalyst for me losing over 5 stone and without any dieting. I would therefore, highly recommend anyone with health problems to trust Deborah in seeking treatment, as she was nothing but exceptional in helping me and could not have been more kind or supportive of me. I would also not hesitate to see Deborah in the future, for any health matters, as I know she has the experience to identify problems very accurately and then devise the appropriate treatment, as she did with my condition. Without Deborah’s help, i most certainly would not of regained my health back, so I am extremely grateful for the care and treatment I received
Cristina – London
Deborah is really professional, very very very nice and she helped my mum so much in times when all doctors could not help her anymore. Thank you Deborah.
Maisie – London
After 10 years of suffering from UTIs and IBS problems and doctors ignoring my problems and said they were women's problems, Deborah was amazing at diagnosing my issues through tests and helping me to understand my allergies which were causing these issues. I now feel so much better and would highly recommend her.
Veronica – London
I am grateful I had the chance to have Deborah as my health practitioner. She was very thorough in investigating the source of my issues and had a clear action plan that restored my health. She actually treated me holistically, solving multiple issues at the same time. Her advice and encouragement put me back on the right track, eliminating symptoms and getting my energy back. I wholeheartedly recommend Deborah for the quality of her treatment and holistic view.
Kate – Norfolk
Deborah did a wonderful job identifying gut sensitivities for both myself, my children and my mother.
Jeremy – Bristol
Deborah is the first specialist I have seen that got to the root cause of my acid reflux and gut issues. None of the other so called private health gastro specialists have been able to help me and I was just put on a lifelong course of esomeprazole and diagnosed with IBS without the cause being explained to me. As a last resort with my symptoms becoming worse I went seeking help on the internet and founds Deborah’s clinic. I had a consultation with her face to face and I’m glad I took that step. Within an hour and a half Deborah had correctly diagnosed that I had Mold Toxicity from previously water damaged properties I had live in. This diagnosis was proved to be correct when the test results were returned. Also she was the first specialist to even suggest I be tested for Mold, Allergies, and intolerances, which then uncovered a whole host of other issues. Since I’ve been on treatment plan with Deborah for the past 3 months my gut health has almost been fully restored and the acid has now also just started to subside. I’m also off all past prescription medication. I will always be thankful to Deborah and I hope other people with similar issues are lucky enough to find her too.
Theodros – London
Recommended by a friend to the clinic to deal with persistent allergic reaction affecting my son' s health and well being. . Thanks to the professional treatment, and care provided by Deborah Grant, my son is now feeling well no longer suffers from the terrible effects of allergic problems.
Nichola – Bedfordshire
After seeing my doctor for years and having various invasive tests done it was always a mystery as to what was wrong with me. I paid for a dietitian to help who just gave up on me,then was recommended to see Deborah Grant and within 10 minutes she new exactly what the problem was and the test she ran confirmed it. Without that diosnosis I am sure I would have been dead by now,she really is a life saver. She has put me on the right path and I hope for a full recovery.
Deniz – London
I would highly recommend Deborah's clinic. Extremely Helpful And Caring!
Ken – Hertfordshire
My wife and I were treated by Deborah Grant for a period of time and our health has benefited greatly as a result of her experience and sensitive treatment.
Alicia – Spain
Deborah has treated our entire family and is absolutely fantastic at what she does! She has saved my husbands life with figuring out his allergies and intolerances as well as our daughter. We are so happy to be working with Deborah!
Piers – London
Deborah Grant is thoughtful and compassionate professional. She is also a lovely person that I am very grateful to have met and be treated by.
Raquel – London
I absolutely recommend Deborah Grant! After months of being unwell, without knowing the origin of my symptoms, Deborah did a thorough assessment and specific exams to finally give me the answers no other healthcare professional was able to. I am still under treatment but I haven't felt this healthy in years, and my symptoms are under control now.
Suzie – London
After years of being fobbed off by the NHS that my symptoms were ‘all in my head’ I finally found someone who listened and got to the root cause of my issue - mould toxicity. Deborah has been fantastic in helping me on my journey back to full health.
Nuala – London
What an excellent practise, Deborah Grant is amazing she helped me manage my menopause and get rid of unpleasant symptoms. I highly recommend her.
John – London
I found Deborah very helpful and helped me greatly with my digestive issues.
Chyna – Kent
I would recommend Deborah to anyone with health problems. She has given me my life back and I’ve never felt healthier in my whole life. She was able to help me with health issues I have suffered with for my whole life. These health issues were always dismissed and ‘unexplained’ by anyone else. Deborah sent me for testing and found the root cause of my issues and I am forever indebted to her for saving my life. Thank you Deborah and all the team at Harley Street Autoimmune and IBS Clinic.
Bianca – Suffolk
I can highly recommend, I have my life back after using Deborah's services and my hair is now so much better. I am so grateful for the Harley Street IBS and autoimmune clinic!
Beth – London
I highly recommend Deborah to others suffering from health issues due to mold exposure. She listened closely to my array of seemingly-unrelated symptoms and was able to rapidly make a diagnosis that was supported by lab tests. The supplements she prescribed have dramatically improved my symptoms.
Sonia – London
Deborah was recommended to me by a friend - so glad I went. Deborah was very thorough and understood my complex issues where others had failed. The money I spent on the tests, which were carefully chosen specifically for me by Deborah, was money well-spent - I finally had the answers after many expensive years of being in the dark, and being passed from pillar to post. Delighted to report I am now fully-recovered and signed off by Deborah - I wish I had found her sooner!
Paul, London
I saw Deborah when I had digestive and urinary problems which no other professional was really able to help me with other than an unhelpful IBS diagnosis. The great thing about Deborah’s approach is it’s based on testing and then developing an individual treatment and diet plan, there’s no woo-woo here. From testing we found that I had gluten intolerance even when NHS test had said I didn’t, and also that I had a mold issue in my house that I wasn’t aware of causing me severe problems. Would thoroughly recommend her comprehensive and kind service.
Chyna - London

Deborah, you have completely changed my life! For as long as I can remember, I have suffered physically and mentally. The dreams I've always had for my life seemed so far out of reach because of the pain, illnesses and mental health problems I have always had. Now, these dreams are about to become a reality as we embark on our travels in April.

I have always felt failed by doctors with all of the 'unexplained' illnesses I have had, to the point where I was believing what everyone around me was saying, that I was a hypochondriac and had completely made all these illnesses/feelings up in my head. I remember the first time I came to your office I was feeling really embarrassed to tell you all my symptoms as I was so afraid of receiving the same treatment I had received for all those years before. Instantly, as I was listing off the, what seemed like, hundreds of symptoms, I finally, for the first time in my life, felt completely heard and listened to. The relief I felt just after that first consultation was incredible. I felt excited to finally be getting some answers and you had my full trust from the get go. Even before you sent me for any tests, you knew exactly what was wrong! I remember telling everyone that would listen, about you and saying 'she didn't even have a computer and knew what was wrong' I was completely in awe of you.

No words could ever be enough to show you my gratitude for the way you have saved my life. I could never have seen myself fulfilling my dreams without you. I am eternally grateful for you and will be forever indebted to you. It doesn't stop at just me that you have helped in this situation but my whole family. You have given my daughters a healthy, happy and confident mother, and my husband a more hormonally stable wife (he's definitely extremely grateful for this haha!). You have given my mother the gift of rest and confidence that her daughter will be ok. I won't be the cause of her worry and sleepless nights anymore.

You are one in a billion and I'm so happy I found you and trusted you. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Francesca - Bristol
I cannot believe the difference in such a short period of time. Within 48 hours of starting the treatment the veil of profound fatigue lifted and I immediately felt a significant energy boost. It is really quite incredible. I have been so so sick with debilitating symptoms that nobody could correctly diagnose and in so much despair thinking my life was over and wondering if I would ever get to the bottom of my symptoms and ever get better. Thank you for giving me my life back - I finally feel hopeful of a bright healthy future once more. I waited so long to have my darling son who is just 2 years old and he needs his mummy to be well again! I pretty much cried every day for a year praying to get better and finally feel my prayers have been answered.

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