Patient Testimonials

Freddie – London

A 25 year old female presenting with diagnosed IBS for six years – constipation or loose stools, bloating, excess gas, dry eyes, joint pain, headaches, mouth ulcers. She had been gluten free for six years.

“After spending many years feeling unwell most of the time I decided this was no way to live and booked an appointment to see Deborah. After being told for many years by various doctors that my issues were related to ‘IBS’ and that there was nothing that could be done about it, it was so reassuring to have Deborah actually take my symptoms seriously and ensure I did the tests required to get to the root of the problem. Tests revealed that testimonial ibsI had a huge problem with yeast overgrowth, it was such a relief to know that this was a problem that could be fixed. After 1 year of diet and a course of herbal medicine I am a new person. I no longer have constant gut issues, I have so much more energy, I am able to live a normal life. The testimonials are what convinced me to see Deborah in the first place and I am so incredibly grateful, if you are considering it don’t hesitate, this treatment has changed my life and I couldn’t be happier.”

Alexandra – Norway

A 53 year old female presenting with Interstitial Cystitis, which had previously been diagnosed in 2010; and IBS which had been previosly diagnosed in 2000.

“I highly recommend Deborah Grant to anyone who is looking to trace and treat the source of their illness rather than just their symptoms. I live in Norway, and I am very grateful that I managed to find her two years ago. At the time I had been battling interstitial cystitis and IBS, and as most people with these illnesses know they can be very difficult to treat. Mainstream medicine was not an option for me even if my bladder had allowed it. When I first went to see Deborah on some days I was going to the bathroom every 15 minutes. She made me realize that both illnesses boiled down to an impaired immune system and sure enough the tests she ordered for me revealed a seriously compromised small intestine. I had never thought to link my weak immune system to my gut. Through her herbal medicine, supplements, recommended changes in diet and efforts I am a healthier person today.”

Sonia – Uxbridge

A 30 year old woman presenting with sugar addiction

“I was suffering from a sugar addiction. It may sound mild, but I found it very corrosive to my wellbeing, affecting my mood, energy, concentration and skin. At the beginning of the year my cravings were at their strongest, distracting me almost continually with the power of their pull. It was out of the ordinary and my GP was of no help. Deborah quickly brought the situation under control with herbal medicine, mineral supplements, a bit of telling me what to do and a fantastic sense of humour. The cravings are now a thing of the past; my mood, energy and concentration fairly stable; my skin healthy, and my relationship with sugar moderate and no longer addictive. Thank you Deborah!”

Tania Ruck Keene – Oxfordshire

Scleroderma Treatment

“I first became a patient of Deborah Grant in April this year. Eight years ago I visited the local surgery with what I thought was an infected splinter in my finger. When it didn’t respond to antibiotics my doctor said that she strongly suspected that I had CREST. I had suffered from Raynaud’s disease for some years and in addition to the white fingers, I had noticed red ‘dots’ on my fingers, hands, lips and cheeks in the last couple of years. Ulcers in the form of a nasty thick yellowish liquid, or worse, hard gravel-like lumps poking out of my finger and thumb were very painful, ugly and causing me distress.

This diagnosis was confirmed by a well -respected consultant rheumatologist, who tested my heart, swallowing, and could not have been more thorough. He informed me, however, that my symptoms were something that I would just have to cope with – and that there is no evidence whatever that diet could play a part in reducing the pain, inflammation, and general misery of this condition.

Having been to visit Deborah Grant on five occasions, by visit two I was conscious that the pain had almost disappeared and the swelling was far less. Four months later I am astonished to find I can use my hands almost normally and although I can still feel the lumps, there are no ulcers. The red dots have not changed, but white fingers are rare (this is summer so I have yet to discover whether I will have to go back on to traditional medicine to improve my circulation). From feeling that I was doomed, and that this condition would steadily worsen over the years, I am thoroughly excited that there is a way through diet, lifestyle and natural substances that can change everything. At the moment I feel that the progress of the disease had stopped in its tracks, whether it can be reversed is yet to be seen. I hope that this will bring hope for the people that suffer from this very unusual disease, most of whom have it in a very much more severe form than myself.”

Briony – London

A 29 year old female presenting with endometriosis, bladder discomfort and weight gain.

“I have just finished 11 months of treatment with Deborah and am now cured!!!!!!!! In 11 months, we have managed to get my bladder back to normal, to get my yeast levels down from 140 to zero, and i have lost 2 stone 10 pounds in weight so far, which is a bonus. The diet was so simple and easy to follow and the medication was easy to take and stick to. My symptoms have completely disappeared and with Deborah’s help, i now realise just how unhealthy i was previously.

I always had stomach ache, bloating and bladder pain, I was always going to the toilet including through the night so i was constantly tired out, stressed and worn out. I was 4 stone overweight and very sluggish and uncomfortable all the time. I had severe sugar cravings and high blood sugar levels. I was also suffering from intermittent bleeding throughout the month which Deborah regulated with one of her prescriptions.

I am now able to control my health through my diet and am going it alone for now, but knowing that Deborah is there for advice, guidance and support whenever i need it. She truly is a miracle worker and i would never have guessed she could sort out all of my symptoms, particularly the bleeding which i have been experiencing since i was 19 years old!!!! I am eternally grateful for her help, support and advice through this last year and i couldn’t have done it without her.”

Gareth – British (living in Uganda)

A 28 year old Male, Lyme Disease Treatment

“I came to Deborah after suffering from severe bloating for a number of years. Having previously been diagnosed negative for Celiac disease through the NHS, I had written off gluten as the source of my ailments. My GP told me I had IBS – a wholly unsatisfactory diagnosis. After trying a few alternative therapies, I finally found Deborah who endeavoured to get to the source of my symptoms. She ran sensitive (non-invasive) tests and discovered that I am indeed intolerant to gluten. Deborah supported me with a tailored and balanced diet to remove gluten, as well as herbal mixtures and supplements to rebalance my gut flora. Improvements in my condition were seen within the space of a couple of months. After a year of treatment, Deborah ran a full blood profile and immune test that showed I was also suffering from Lyme Disease, which was not allowing me to overcome the last of my bloating and gut pain. With an altered treatment plan, I overcame Lyme Disease within six months, and am now completely free of any gut issues. I couldn’t imagine being free from my condition when I first came to see Deborah, but not only has my bloating stopped, my general wellbeing has been transformed over the past 18 months as well. In addition, Deborah was flexible throughout with my challenging living situation being based in Uganda. A heartfelt thank you! I would highly recommend Deborah’s practice.”

Lorenzo – London

A 49 year old man presenting with high blood pressure and a very painful anal fissure, which had troubled him for the last two years

“Having just finished a course of herbal treatments under the auspices of Deborah Grant, I hope a fitting testimonial with regards to its success would be of some compelling incentive to try it. I was impressed from the start with the relaxed environs and professionalism of Deborah. Everything is thoroughly discussed and explained, so that you feel fully informed and actively involved in your own healing process. My chronic problems responded quickly to the therapy and were resolved within four months and, as an unexpected bonus, I found seemingly unconnected conditions also improved too. I would not hesitate to recommend herbal medicine, and only wish I had discovered it sooner!”

Myra – London

A 57 year old female presenting with excess gas, bloating and loose stools since her 20s. She also experiences occasional palpitations, a sensitive bladder, thrush and fatigue.

“After living with gut problems for all my adult life I finally got really serious about solving this and so saw Deborah for a year. The diet was familiar, I’d tried it before, but this time combined with the herbal medicine there was a huge improvement. I still have minor symptoms and maybe I cannot expect my gut to heal fully after so many years, but crucially I no longer feel physiContacty drained and exhausted, and other symptoms which I never realised were connected have just gone, I no longer have palpitations, or candida, my bladder is reliable and I have energy again. I also learnt how this digestive problem had passed on to my daughter and so she too is being treated by Deborah, with good relief from her symptoms.”

Carolyn – London

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

“With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), it was like a breath of fresh air finding Deborah. Her treatment was the exact multi-dimentional approach I was looking for and within three months I was back to a regular cycle after having had no periods at all for two years. I would not hesitate at all recommending Deborah, particularly to anyone wanting a holistic treatment for regulating hormone levels.”

Sharon – London

A 35 year old woman presenting with diagnosed Interstitial Cystitis

“I was diagnosed with IC in May 2010, having gone through a cystoscopy and a urethral dalation (unnecessarily), and having been on preventative antibiotics for approx 10 months. Nothing the NHS suggested was working and i was incredibly depressed, in constant pain and felt like no one understood what was actually wrong with me and how to treat it. I really was at the end of the line at this point. Thankfully, I then found Deborah in August 2010 through recommendations on the COB Website.

I have just begun my 4th month of treatment with Deborah and my health has improved massively. I feel 70% better and well on the way to 100%. I was 4 stone overweight and I have lost 20 pounds in weight so far. Deborah informs me that the diet will take me back to my normal weight and not below that. My skin and hair have improved dramatiContacty. I have no more bloatedness/trapped wind or pain in my stomach. I have even been able to go through the night without getting up to the toilet on several occassions, and as a result i am sleeping much better. I have so much more energy and feel a lot more stable emotionally.

The diet is designed specifiContacty for you and is relatively easy to stick to, and Deborah makes up her own IC Tea which is a brilliant anti-inflammatory. Deborah is helping to change my life completely and i know that by the end of my treatment with her, I will be at the healthiest I have ever been.”

Erika – London

A 44 year old female presenting with recurrent cystitis and a history of regular antibiotic use. Very stressful job with long hours

“I went to see Deborah as I was suffering from a chronic disorder. I had seen a number of very reputable consultants but the only thing that was suggested wherever I went, were long term antibiotics. I knew that this could not be good for me and the side effects would eventually catch up with me, which they of course did. I went to see Deborah, when I was more or less at a point of despair, really not knowing where to go. She put me on a diet, where I was to exclude a number of foods and watch the alkaline content of what I ate. She gave me a number of herbal medicines, that addressed some of the causes and triggers of my condition. I started improving. It took a number of months before I improved to a significant level, but she helped me identify the causes and triggers over this period and addressed them, which no doctor had done previously. With her holistic approach, she helped me implement the changes that were needed, understand the underlying condition and address it. I am truly grateful to her.”

Ambrose – London

A 53 year old male presenting with popping in the ears, dry scalp, sore skin, stress, fatigue and weight problems

“Thank you for your care and treatment over the past six months. I have gone from feeling very unwell and out of sorts to being healthy and full of life. I have lost weight, look and feel better and the Candida has cleared up. Finally, the latest tincture has cleared the blockage in my Eustachian tubes, stopped the popping in my ears and the infrequent nose bleeds. I will keep to the regime you have suggested to ensure I continue to enjoy the benefits brought on by the difference you have made to my life. I cannot thank you enough.”

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