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About Us – IBS, Skin & Autoimmune Specialist

Guardian featured Harley Street IBS, Autoimmune & Skin Clinic London was founded by leading London IBS and Autoimmune Specialist Deborah Grant BSc(Hons) MCMA MBHMA. The Clinic is located in a medical house in the world famous medical street, Harley Street which is a centre for medical excellence.

Deborah has appeared on live television to discuss health issues, including the treatment for IBS. She is a renowned autoimmune specialist, IBS specialist, SIBO specialist, bladder specialist and skin specialist. Regularly asked for expert comment and endorsement by health journalists, she has a Bachelor of Science Honours degree with a commendation. Her diagnostic, pharmacology, biology, physiology and clinical training at degree level were all taught by doctors (MD). The panel of examiners included a doctor (MD).

“I’ve always respected (and truly felt) the level of commitment you have towards your patients.”Raiqa in London

Deborah is a CIGNA recognised healthcare provider. She is passionate about each person’s ability to co-create their health, and would be delighted to partner with you in resolving any health issues you currently face.

“On the initial consultation, I felt as if someone was at last listening to what I had to say, taking me seriously and genuinely wanting to help me.” – Linda, Ilford

  • Provides a full spectrum approach to patients health problems. Drawing on her extensive knowledge and experience, Deborah provides in-depth insights into underlying health problems
  • Treats the underlying problems as well as the symptoms
  • Where necessary, functional medical tests are recommended and arranged to prove the diagnosis and to help formulate a treatment plan
  • High-rate of clinical success according to our own outcomes treating a wide range of digestive, autoimmune, skin  and bladder conditions
  • Featured in The Guardian newspaper
  • Member of The CMA
  • Member of The BHMA
  • Fully-Insured and practicing a strict Code of Conduct
  • Consulted for expert comment and endorsement by health journalists
  • Ehlers Danlos Society listed Medical Professional
  • National Psoriasis Foundation listed Medical Professional

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