PMS Treatment London

PMS Treatment London

PMS treatment london

In our PMS treatment London clinic, we look for the underlying imbalances and gently rebalance them with natural medicine.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a group of changes that can affect women on many levels. They can be physical, emotional, or behavioural. The changes come 1 to 2 weeks before your period.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) has a wide variety of signs and symptoms, including mood swings, turning into Godzilla, eating all the chocolate in the world, tender breasts, spots, other food cravings especially sugar, fatigue, irrational anger, irritability and depression. It’s estimated that as many as 3 of every 4 menstruating women have experienced some form of premenstrual syndrome. We understand this in our PMS treatment London clinic.

Symptoms tend to recur in a predictable pattern. But the physical and emotional changes women experience with premenstrual syndrome may vary from just slightly noticeable, to intense and very detrimental to wellbeing.

For some, the physical pain and emotional stress are severe enough to affect their daily lives.

There are lots of ways to manage PMS and improve it. At our Guardian featured Harley Street IBS & Autoimmune Clinic we look into the root causes of any PMS symptoms. This can range from mineral balance and nutritional status testing, allergy testing, gut function testing, hormone tracking and an assessment of how the brain and nervous system are coping with stress. We seek to address the underlying imbalance to resolve the uncomfortable symptoms long term by rebalancing the hormones that are out of whack. Our PMS treatment is completely natural, licensed by the UK Government and without unpleasant side-effects.

We also address any stress by giving natural medicine to help reduce stress levels and support healthy adrenal function.

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