Successful Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

rheumatoid arthritis treatment

Successful Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment: Must Rheumatoid Arthritis only be managed and not resolved? Read this recent testimonial for successful rheumatoid arthritis treatment from one of our lovely patients:

Rheumatoid Arthritis spread through my body from hands and wrists, through knees, ankles, feet and toes over the course of a few months, until I could barely walk.  At 55 years old, I changed overnight from an active skier, tennis player and spinner, to a hobbling person in pain.

When I met Deborah I was walking with a stick, was unable to open heavy doors because of my painful hands, and used a wheelchair in airports. It was also very difficult to cook because I couldn’t use my hands to prepare food and my ankles hurt to stand. Deborah offered me an alternative to immune suppressing medicine I was hesitant to take.  Initially I was impatient with her protocol as I wanted to be “well” immediately.  She helped me heal by baby steps.  She tackled the underlying conditions, rather than suppressing the symptoms.  She conducted methodical testing before jumping to treatment. My treatment plan was customized for me and my disease stage and manifestation, not the same as every patient who had RA.  We are partners in my treatment plan and that makes all the difference. 

These days I am happy to say that I can play pickleball (like mini tennis), cross country ski, go walking and go up and down the stairs with ease. I do at least 10,000 steps per day on my FitBit. My energy is also so much better.” – Jacqueline B., London

This is Jacqueline’s story and we have had many other similar success stories. In order to provide successful rheumatoid arthritis treatment, we seek to diagnose each patient’s underlying issues and address them. We do not treat just the symptoms, leaving the drivers of the inflammation unaddressed. Nor do we practice a one size fits all approach because every patient is unique.

We have a passion for our work and would be delighted to help you, if you are looking for successful treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. Call our medical secretary for an appointment.


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