Candida Overgrowth Test Kit




Candida Overgrowth Test Kit: Urine sample

Have you ever wondered if you really do have Candida? Now you can check to see and discover the extent of it, if you do have it.

Provide your sample in the comfort of your home

You will receive your Candida Overgrowth Test Kit by First Class Royal Mail and return your urine sample to the address in the package. Easy to follow instructions should be carefully read to ensure that the urine specimen will not be rejected.

What does it test for?

The test gives measurements for yeast (Candida) and also for bacteria, giving you an insight into your gut flora and any overgrowth. It is an interesting fact that 80% our immune system is in the digestive system. We know that if the flora in the digestive system is poor with, for example Candida or “bad” bacteria, this will adversely affect the immune system. Having a well balanced gut flora is a great way to boost immunity to help protect you from infection.

Highly recommended for women wanting to start a family or pregnant. Why?

Also, if you are thinking of becoming pregnant or are already pregnant, it is worth noting that your flora will be passed to your baby. It is therefore important to ensure that your gut flora is as healthy as possible so that your baby’s health is not adversely affected. We have seen newborns with digestive and/or skin issues because of the mother’s poor gut flora.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you are prone to Athlete’s Foot or Fungal Toenails, these are both related to yeast overgrowth and are usually a symptom of poor gut flora and thereby poor immunity. It’s always better to treat the underlying issue rather than just the symptoms and this approach helps avoid recurrence.

How long does it take to get the result?

The test takes 4 weeks to process and the result will be sent to you by email. There are explanatory notes with the test report. However, if you would like professional help to address any Candida or bacterial overgrowth, please call our Medical Secretary for an appointment and we would be delighted to help you.