About Us

The Harley Street IBS, Autoimmune and Skin Clinic London was founded by Guardian featured leading London Consultant Medical Herbalist Deborah Grant BSc(Hons)Herb.Med.MCMA.MBHMA.

Deborah has appeared on live television to discuss health issues, including the treatment for IBS. She is a renowned IBS Specialist. Regularly asked for expert comment and endorsement by health journalists, she has a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Herbal Medicine with a commendation. Her diagnostic and clinical training at degree level were taught by doctors (MD). The panel of examiners included a GP. As a leading London Consultant Medical Herbalist, she is a CIGNA recognised healthcare provider. She is passionate about each person’s ability to co-create their health, and would be delighted to partner with you in resolving any health issues you currently face.

  • Provides a full spectrum approach to patients health problems. Drawing on her extensive knowledge and experience, Deborah provides in-depth insights into underlying health problems
  • Treats the underlying problem as well as the symptoms
  • Where necessary, medical tests are recommended and arranged to prove the diagnosis and to help formulate a treatment plan
  • 21st Century Herbal Medicine is now being underpinned by scientific evidence, which is leading to an ever-growing acceptance of professional Herbal Medicine as a significant contributor to health
  • High-rate of clinical success according to our own outcomes treating a wide range of digestive and bladder conditions
  • Featured in The Guardian newspaper
  • Member of The Complementary Medical Association (CMA)
  • Member of The British Herbal Medicine Association (BHMA)
  • Fully-Insured and practicing a strict Code of Conduct
  • Consulted for expert comment and endorsement by health journalists

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